The Best Trends in iPhone 11

iPhone 11: Release Date

The iPhone 11 was released on the 20th of September in 2019. For the 64GB version, its price was 699$/730£. With low pieces, it becomes the most popular choice for budget purchasers. Apple has reduced the iPhone 11 price as we are living in the iPhone 13 world. If you trade in Apple, you can get an iPhone at a reduced price of $499. The 64GB iPhone 11 becomes a relic nowadays because the new iPhone boosted up to 128 GB storage. You might buy a 128 GB storage iPhone 11 for 50$ extra.

In the UK, the prices of the iPhone 11 debuted at £729, £779, and £879 for 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB respectively. These days, UK shoppers pay £489 for iPhone 11. 

iPhone 11: Design

The iPhone 11’s design is so fresh. The front and sides are almost the same as the iPhone XR. Except for the camera and new color options, iPhone 11 and iPhone XR are almost identical to each other. The back camera on the rear is almost similar to iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max and it is a very awesome feature of iPhone 11.

There is a new feature in iPhone 11 which is water resistant. It means that it can remain under 2 meters of water for 30 minutes. This phone is now IP68 certified. The iPhone 11 is present in the market in different colors:

You can also choose from black, white and Product Red. 

iPhone 11: Display

The display of the iPhone 11 is similar to the iPhone XR. The screen display is 6.1-inch with 828 × 1792 pixels. The display has maximum and minimum brightness levels, its display shows P3 wide color and it supports Apple’s TrueTone tech.

This display shows slightly a blur motion, as other LCD shows. The LCD exhibits impressive colors, but it is not suitable for OLED. The iPhone display shows 652 nits of brightness, which is better than iPhone XR which shows 589 nits. iPhone 11 screen shows Delta-E-rating of 0.22. If you want to watch a movie on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro, they both show fantastic colors but the viewing angles are narrow in iPhone 11. 

iPhone 11: Performance

iPhone 11 released with iOS 13. But now it is available on iOS 15 in the market. With iOS 14, it has some amazing features such as App Library and Home Screen Widgets. iPhone 11 has the A13 Bionic chip same as the iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max. It has 4GB of RAM. Previously, it came with 64 GB, but now you can get this phone also in 128 and 256 GB. If we talk about graphics performance, there is a benchmark on iPhone 11 which is 3D mark. Another benchmark is the GFX bench, & the iPhone 11crushed it. The iPhone 11 has 1481 frames (23 fps). 

Image Quality

iPhone 11 exhibits a very adaptable image quality. Image quality shows a very well enough detail. The colors are very vibrant and it shows preferences to the warmer spectrum.

Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera

Here is the new addition the iPhone 11 which is Ultra-Wide Angle. It is better to get the photos at this angle than with a 2x telephoto lens. The only disadvantage of Ultra-Wide Angle is that it doesn’t hold up the new night mode.


There are some improvements in iPhone 11. But if you zoom in the photos, you can see that there are still some imperfections but mostly the photos that are taken in the portrait mode are usable.

Night Mode and Low Light Photos

When there is low light, the iPhone 11 automatically enables the night mode which takes a longer time to capture a low light photo.


The video quality of iPhone 11 is great. It can shoot up to 4K at 60 fps. 

iPhone 11: Battery life

The battery life of iPhone 11 is quite better than the other iPhones. You can use it throughout the day and come back home with 30% battery left. Charging of the iPhone is slow, as it charges with a 5W charger. If you want a fast-charging experience, you should get an 18W charger which costs $29.

iPhone 11: Audio

The iPhone 11 has a “spatial audio” playback and Dolby Atoms which shows an impressive sound quality. The iPhone XR had built-in speakers, but we didn’t suggest this for a long time, but listening to a podcast at a low volume, the iPhone 11 compels.


Indeed the iPhone 11 is a good phone, but it is not quite impressive. The display is beautiful but not like an OLED screen. The battery life is good but it insists you get a faster charger. For this price range the iPhone 11 is perfectly good. A main difference is that it has an Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera. It has a faster processor which is a great upgrade in comparison to the old iPhones.

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