Samsung S22 Ultra: A Pro Camera Phone

There’s a new Note! With a different name this time. With outstanding cameras, lightning-fast charging, a stunning display that is easier to see in sunlight, and the return of the S Pen, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the cutting-edge smartphone you would expect from Samsung.

Samsung always stays in competition with Apple and Samsung has always launched the phone with the best efforts and performance, no matter if we talk about the performance chip, the camera, or the battery. Samsung is the biggest competitor of Apple. And Samsung s22 Ultra has set a good mark in the market as a competitor of Apple. 


The S22 Ultra’s rear camera configuration is straightforward and understated, with five raised circles projecting from a matte Gorilla Glass Victus Plus background. The phone features a small chassis and an appealing finish. With such classy colors, the phone appears to be a professional device. Four colors—Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green, and Burgundy—are offered for the S22 Ultra.

Appearance and Display

The big 6.8-inch screen of the Galaxy S22 Ultra boasts a 2K resolution, a maximum brightness of 1750 nits, and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Creatives who work with photographs will benefit from such a display because the vivid colors and sharp contrast make edited films and photos seem amazing.

Additionally, the huge size is advantageous because it gives you more space to observe, type, or scribble with the stylus.


Back cameras 

It is a pro camera phone, we must admit if we talk about the cameras. There are four cameras on the rear, two of which are telephoto, one is ultra-wide, and the other is the primary 108MP camera. While zooming in up to 30 times still produces useable photographs with clear text, ten times optical zoom looks amazing. The 100x Space Zoom is great for taking pictures of the moon, but you will need to put your phone on a tripod to take steady pictures of other things in the daytime.

Front Camera 

Contrary to appearances, the 40MP front-facing camera is not a conventional center-hole punch camera. Since the camera is placed beneath the glass display, there is no cutout in the glass above the camera.

Wide Angle

An f/2.2 13mm lens and a 12MP sensor give the ultra-wide camera a 120-degree field of vision for its pictures. The wide field of view makes it useful for reference photos of locations, but the images are a touch warped around the edges, making it less than ideal as a photographic tool.

Night Mode

Night Mode is the game changer in the s22 ultra. It captures clear and sharp images in low light that you don’t have to worry about the lights and you focus on creating memories. 

Video Recording

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has five cameras, all of which can record video at a resolution of 4K60. It can also record 8K video with its main camera, but only at 24 frames per second, which is a restriction that, in our opinion, should have been removed by now. 30 frames per second ought to be feasible. All of these modes allow for video stabilization, however, you can also disable it if you have other phone support options.

While you can choose between h.264 and h.265 for the other modes, 8K capture is always encoded in h.265 HEVC. Whatever the video mode, audio is captured in stereo at a bit rate of 256kbps.

S Pen

The stylus that comes with the Samsung has a variety of uses for artists.

The S Pen has a button on it that, when pressed when in the camera app, captures a picture, making it a useful remote shutter. You can use the S Pen to draw, write notes, or annotate documents.

When inspiration strikes, it’s simple to summon the note-taking apps because pulling the S Pen away from the phone immediately displays a list of the most helpful ones. You can take notes by scribbling on the white screen.

Air Actions of S Pen

It supports wireless Air Actions and charges in the silo because it is a Bluetooth stylus. Additionally, Samsung decreased the S Pen’s latency from 9 milliseconds to only 2.8 milliseconds, ensuring faultless pen movement across the display.

Battery Life

The battery used in S22 Ultra is not 5000mAh. It can work for a long time but the thing a bit disappointing is that S22 Ultra is offering the same battery as the S21. There is no battery difference between them 

It has a battery time of 18h video playback. 

The latest Software

Launch versions of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra have Samsung One UI 4.1 and Android 12. You should receive up to four operating system upgrades and five years of security updates according to Samsung’s new software upgrade policy. We anticipate receiving extended support for these pricey flagship phones from the business, which has a great track record of providing regular security upgrades.

Sound System 

The Galaxy S22 Ultra sports a stereo speaker arrangement with one speaker blasting downward from the bottom and another facing you above the display that also doubles as an earpiece. When the phone is in portrait orientation, the top speaker receives the left channel, and when it is in the landscape, the phone swaps them based on the accelerometer input so that sound emanates from the appropriate location. The bottom one isn’t even remotely assisting the top one, therefore the two are also wholly different. Given that they sound so similar, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.


It is obvious that if a phone has premium features then it must be pricey. Samsung S22 Ultra is somehow of the same price as the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Phone Price in Australia starts from AUD 1,680. 16 GB RAM / 512 GB. 


Whenever we purchase a phone which is of hefty amount, one thing which disturbs us the most is that what if? We drop it. What if we lost it? S22 Ultra is a pro camera phone with all the advanced features and specifications but what if we drop it and have a crack on our screen? In that scenario, we got your back because we are here for you. If you get any issue with your phone and you want to get it repaired, we will repair it for you in very less time and money. You can contact Alfalah Mobiles if you want to enhance the performance of your s22 Ultra even after a mishap.


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