Samsung Galaxy A42 Screen Replacement Sydney

Samsung Galaxy A42 Repair

Technology has made it possible to quickly repair and replace mobile screens, bringing them back to their original condition. It not only saves time but also helps to save money to buy a new phone. We look forward to welcoming you when you visit our store. Our team at Alfalah Mobiles will listen to your phone issues so that we can better understand your needs in Sydney.

Available Services

Original Service Pack Screen

Price: $230

Back Glass Replacement

Price: $90

Battery Replacement

Price: $130

Charging Port Replacement

Price: $90

Front Camera Replacement

Price: $65

Back Camera Replacement

Price: $90

Back Camera Lens Only

Price: $70

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"Very friendly n understanding staff, professional, good value for money. Have big variety."

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"They were brothers from neighbouring nation.. Experienced in mobiles and knew what they were doing. Highly recommended."

Most Common Samsung A42 Repair Services:


Samsung A42 screen repair:

If your device’s screen shows discolorations and spots, or if the screen is flickering, shattered, or has little or no backlight, you may need professional assistance with these problems. Our experts will help you with the Samsung A42 screen repair.

Samsung A42 water damage repairs:

If you get a phone wet, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve destroyed it. There is a chance that it was turned off before your mobile Phone was severely damaged by water or liquid. It is much worse to wet an inactive circuit than an active one. If you cannot find a solution, visit our repair shop for your Samsung A42 water damage repair.

Samsung A42 battery replacement:

When your Phone has been around for a couple of years and shows its age, that’s a good time to consider a battery replacement. Do not look around and turn towards Alfalah Mobiles for the Samsung A42 battery replacement.

Samsung A42 back glass replacement:

The back glass protects the inner circuitry from external damage. Sometimes the physical damage may destroy the back glass of your device completely. In such a case, you need to visit Alfalah Mobiles for the Samsung A42 back glass replacement.

Samsung A42 charging port issues:

Cables go through plenty of torture. Besides being everywhere with us, we often step on them, tangle them up, throw them in bags carelessly, and so on. This could lead to a serious charging port issue. If you cannot solve this, visit our repair shop for the resolved Samsung A42 charging port issues.

Samsung A42 motherboard repairs:

On the Phone’s motherboard, all your data is stored, and all your actions are performed. When it starts to malfunction, your Phone will not function properly. It’s one of the most essential functions on your Phone.

Frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between a crack and a scratch on the Phone?

Look closely for any signs of damage on the glass when you shine it on it. Even though it might seem like normal dust, try to wipe it carefully, and if it doesn't come off, it might be a scratch or crack.

Can scratches turn into cracks?

If you identify a deep scratch, you should arrange professional repair as soon as possible. A screen scratch can develop into a nasty crack at any time, and you may need to replace rather than repair your screen. Neglecting scratch repair can prove costly

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