iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement Sydney

Quick iPhone XS Max Repair Service Sydney

You do not need to be worried if your iPhone XS Max has been damaged or has lost its charm due to the broken screen, you can still get the perfect and attractive look of your phone at Alfalah Mobiles. iPhone XS Max has a display of 6.5 inches, resolution of 1242 x 2688 pixels, 64GB 4GB RAM, 256GB 4GB RAM, 512GB 4GB RAM and non-removable Li-Ion 3174 mAh battery.

iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement

Available Services

OLED Screen Replacement

Price: $200

Screen Replacement

Price: $150

Back Glass Replacement

Price: $90

Battery Replacement

Price: $110

Charging Port Replacement

Price: $100

Front Camera Replacement

Price: $100

Back Camera Replacement

Price: $160

Back Camera Lens 1 Piece

Price: $60

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iPhone XS Max Repair Services are as Follows

iPhone XS Max screen Replacement

Sometimes the screen or display panel does not function or is discolored, at this point you should get your screen replaced. At Alfalah Mobiles, you can have your iPhone XS Max screen repaired.

iPhone XS Max water damage repair

Our technicians are capable of repairing your iPhone if it has been wet, draining the water, and helping you repair your device. So, this is the best place for your iPhone XS Max Water damage repair.

iPhone XS Max battery replacement

There may be a problem with the hardware if your iPhone suddenly stops working. Your device will not suffer any further damage if you replace the old battery with the new one. Request a new iPhone XS Max battery replacement now.

iPhone XS Max back glass replacement

You need to visit any repair shop as soon as you see your phone’s backglass has been cracked or damaged as it can badly affect the appearance of your phone. With ease, our technicians can get you the iPhone XS Max Back Glass replacement.

iPhone XS Max charging port issues

We will open your iPhone and replace the charging port with a new one if you need it replaced. When we can provide help with iPhone XS Max charging port issues at any time, then you do not need to be worried.

iPhone XS Max motherboard repairs

Damaged devices with faulty motherboards can sometimes be tricky to repair. At Alfalah Mobiles, we have qualified professionals who can provide you with iPhone XS Max motherboard repairs.

Frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost to clean the iPhone Xs Max's lens?

Your phone's lens will be as spotless as a brand-new camera lens for 89 dollars.

What will the cost be to replace the battery in an iPhone Xs Max?

110 dollars to replace the iPhone XS Max Battery.

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