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Professional iPhone 8 Plus Repair Service

It is obvious that you cannot imagine your life if your phone is not working. Mobile phones are a basic necessity for every person as the advancement in technology has made everyone’s life easier and simpler. But, these electronic devices are prone to damage too. If you suffer from such damage, visit Alfalah Mobiles in Sydney. iPhone 8 plus cracked screen is amongst the most common repair that we majorly get from our customers. Thus we mostly provide quick iphone 8 plus screen fixes on the spot. iPhone 8 Plus has an extremely smooth display of 5.5 inches, a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, 64GB 3GB RAM, 256GB 3GB RAM, and a non-removable Li-Ion 2691 mAh battery.

iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement

Available Services

Best Quality Screen

Price: $130

Screen Replacement

Price: $85

Back Glass Replacement

Price: $89

Battery Replacement

Price: $75

Charging Port Replacement

Price: $80

Front Camera Replacement

Price: $65

Back Camera Replacement

Price: $160

Back Camera Lens 1 Piece

Price: $65

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"It is very Good Service and very loveable workers They do best job"

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"Very friendly n understanding staff, professional, good value for money. Have big variety."

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"They were brothers from neighbouring nation.. Experienced in mobiles and knew what they were doing. Highly recommended."

iPhone 8 Plus Repair Services are as Follows

iPhone 8 Plus screen repair

Our technicians might be able to fix your broken iPhone screen as we have experts for iPhone 8 Plus screen repair in Sydney. The cost of repairing it depends on the model of your iPhone and any additional damages. What does iPhone 8 Plus back screen replacement cost? Trust us for quality iPhone 8 Plus screen repair as We don’t charge extra for any service. 

iPhone 8 Plus water damage repair

Did you drop your iPhone into the water accidentally, and now it doesn’t work? Are you looking for a professional to fix your water-damaged iPhone in Sydney? Get an iPhone 8 Plus water damage repair quickly.

iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement

For us to figure out what’s wrong with your battery, we may need to test it. If you have a defective battery then visit Alfalah mobiles for your iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement.

iPhone 8 Plus back glass replacement Sydney

Did the back glass of your iPhone get damaged by accident? Couldn’t find a suitable repair center for your iPhone 8 Plus back replacement? You can relax by placing your trust in us for an authentic iPhone 8 Plus back glass replacement.

iPhone 8 Plus charging port issues

Getting your iPhone to charge can be fixed very quickly and very inexpensively if you have common problems like wiggling your cable and iPhone 8 Plus charging port issues.

iPhone 8 Plus motherboard repairs

Have you been having problems with the motherboard of your iPhone and are unable to find a solution? The best place to go for iPhone 8 Plus motherboard repair is a shop that understands the issue at hand.

Frequently asked questions.

What will it cost to get my iPhone 8 Plus charging port changed?

Your phone can be returned in 45 minutes for a fee of 90 dollars.

Can the glass back on my iPhone 8 Plus be changed?

Yes, it is easily replaceable by professionals, but it takes time. You must wait for at least two to three hours.

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