iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Sydney

Professional iPhone 6 Repair Service

With a widely used phone, you also have a variety of options for getting your phone fixed. We have a repair shop in Sydney, so you can come to any of them on the spot to fix your phone. It does not matter how difficult the issue is. Our team of highly trained specialists can help you out.

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

Available Services

Screen Replacement

Price: $60

Battery Replacement

Price: $55

Charging Port Replacement

Price: $60

Front Camera Replacement

Price: $50

Back Camera Replacement

Price: $65

Back Camera Lens Only

Price: $40

What our clients are saying?

Nabiha Haddara

"It is very Good Service and very loveable workers They do best job"

Jhangir Abbasi

"Very friendly n understanding staff, professional, good value for money. Have big variety."

Venkat S

"They were brothers from neighbouring nation.. Experienced in mobiles and knew what they were doing. Highly recommended."

Under 30 Min iPhone 6 Repair Services


iPhone 6 screen repair

If you dropped your iPhone and it broke, what would you do? If you want iPhone 6 screen repair Sydney, just visit Alfalah Mobiles to let them fix iPhone 6 screen on the spot for you.

iPhone 6 water damage repair

Our technicians can repair all types of damage to an iPhone. The best way to ensure that the components inside a device can be repaired effectively after liquid damage is to follow the best procedures. You can have your iPhone 6 water damage repaired from us easily.

iPhone 6 battery replacement

Many people just change mobile phones just when they get tired of using the phone over years. But, if you encounter any battery issues and need iPhone 6 battery replacement, then visit Alfalah mobiles in Sydney.

iPhone 6 back glass replacement

Even though this is a labor-intensive and time-consuming task, our expert technicians strive to provide prompt iPhone back glass repairs using guaranteed parts at a very reasonable cost so that you don’t lose productivity. Get your iPhone 6 back glass replacement within no time.

iPhone 6 charging port issues

After you have replaced your iPhone battery, always use a charger that gives the best results. With our best and efficient repair services, you can solve any iPhone 6 charging port issue at an affordable price.

iPhone 6 motherboard repairs

Our goal is to get your approval, so you never have to worry about iPhone 6 motherboard repairs. You can rely on our technicians to provide the best repair services in Sydney.

Frequently asked questions.

What do you do if your iPhone 6 won't turn on at all?

Check your hardware and charge your phone if your phone doesn't turn on. You may need to charge it for up to an hour. If your phone still won't turn on, then contact Alfalah Mobiles.

The glass on my iPhone 6 has to be replaced. Could you change that?

For the iPhone 6, we offer a variety of glass. You can get any glass you choose for your iPhone.

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