iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement Sydney

Quality iPhone 6 Plus Repair Service

We separate ourselves from our competitors with experience, skills, and highly trained technicians. We can fix almost any device including screens, liquid damage, buttons, hardware, and software issues. Alfalah Mobiles in Sydney has experts who can repair android phones, iPhones, Samsung tablets, and iPads.

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement

Available Services

Screen Replacement

Price: $70

Battery Replacement

Price: $65

Charging Port Replacement

Price: $65

Front Camera Replacement

Price: $55

Back Camera Replacement

Price: $70

Back Camera Lens Only

Price: $40

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Nabiha Haddara

"It is very Good Service and very loveable workers They do best job"

Jhangir Abbasi

"Very friendly n understanding staff, professional, good value for money. Have big variety."

Venkat S

"They were brothers from neighbouring nation.. Experienced in mobiles and knew what they were doing. Highly recommended."

Professional iPhone 6 Plus Repair Services in Sydney

iPhone 6 plus screen repair

No one wants to destroy the charm of his or her phone and get disturbed by the bad quality of videos due to the broken screen. So, why are you getting late? Enjoy the iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair.

iPhone 6 Plus water damage repair

No matter how much damage the device suffered by water or any other liquid, our experts providing iPhone 6 Plus water damage repair service in Sydney will repair it with 100% accuracy.

iPhone 6 Plus battery replacement

In case the battery needs to be replaced immediately, then you should get your device to a company that performs prompt and perfect iPad battery replacements. In this way, we are able to get you the iPhone 6 Plus battery replacement on your phone immediately.

iPhone 6 Plus back glass replacement

Apple’s iPhones have a fragile glass backing that’s easily broken. The iPhone back glass is designed in such a way that it requires skill to replace the rear glass panel and associated parts. iPhone 6 Plus back glass replacement is fast and easy.

iPhone 6 Plus charging port issues

You are very likely to experience this issue if you overcharge your iPhone, use cheap chargers, or use a travel adapter. Visit us to resolve
iPhone 6 Plus charging port issues.

iPhone 6 Plus motherboard repairs

Because we strive for your approval, we don’t have to worry about your iPhone 6 Plus motherboard repairs. Our skilled technicians are a blessing to your life as they provide the best repair services in Sydney.

Frequently asked questions.

Is a shattered iPhone screen replaceable?

For any kind of accidental damage to your Phone, you just need to get your phone repaired from the best and reliable repair shop and get the best services out there. Highly trained technicians are always present to provide you with the best repair for your screen.

Can you repair the iPhone with water damage?

Water damage is one of the most common problems that iPhone users usually experience. But, no need to panic as you have a good chance to get your phone repaired by our experts at Alfalah Mobiles that provide any kind of phone repair very precisely.

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