Ipad Pro 9.7 Screen Repair Sydney

Ipad Pro 9.7 Repair Service

Despite being some of the best tablets on the market, Apple iPads can have a number of issues. Alfalah Mobiles offers the most comprehensive and professional repairs available in Sydney. Using the best parts and certified technicians, we are able to provide iPad repair services of the highest quality. Expert, talented, and authorized technicians will do everything in their power to find the best solution to the glitches encountered by iPad Pro 9.7.

Ipad Pro 9.7 Screen Repair

Available Services

Screen Replacement

Price: $400

Battery Replacement

Price: $180

Charging Port Replacement

Price: $180

What our clients are saying?

Nabiha Haddara

"It is very Good Service and very loveable workers They do best job"

Jhangir Abbasi

"Very friendly n understanding staff, professional, good value for money. Have big variety."

Venkat S

"They were brothers from neighbouring nation.. Experienced in mobiles and knew what they were doing. Highly recommended."

Most Common iPad Pro 9.7 Repair Services In Sydney:


iPad Pro 9.7 screen repair:

Don’t worry and calm yourself if your iPad screen is cracked or broken at work. The only thing you need to do is get an iPad Pro 9.7 screen repair quote.

iPad Pro 9.7 water damage repairs:

Has your iPad been wet by the sink or rain? We offer the best iPad Pro 9.7 water damage repair services at our shop.

iPad Pro 9.7 battery replacement:

In general, the iPad battery cannot last long if it has problems. Severely damaged batteries may become swollen. It is highly recommended to replace the battery immediately if there is swelling. You can get the replacement from Alfalah mobiles, which offers the best iPad Pro 9.7 battery replacement services.

iPad Pro 9.7 back glass replacement:

iPad back glass replacement is a unique service that only we provide in Sydney. You can rely on our trained technicians to assist you whether you need iPad Pro 9.7 back glass replacement services or any other assistance.

iPad Pro 9.7 charging port issues:

Your iPad needs to be charged again and again, isn’t it? Perhaps you should find a more reliable repair company now. If you’re experiencing any iPad Pro 9.7 charging port issues, our experts will provide you with all the solutions.

iPad Pro 9.7 motherboard repairs:

It’s okay if your keyboard doesn’t function correctly. In a few minutes, our experts will diagnose your iPad and repair its motherboard. So, bring your device and get the iPad Pro 9.7 motherboard repairs.

Frequently asked questions.

How much time will it take to repair?

It takes us just 30 minutes to provide the best quality services at a very reasonable price.

Is the data secure while repairing my device?

Your privacy is our top priority, but to prevent any consequences, you should make a backup of your data before we repair it.

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