iPad Pro 10.5 Repair Service Sydney

Quick iPad Pro 10.5 Repair Services

Although the iPad comes with everything you need to do your job efficiently, it does not include the tools to repair the water damage or other problems. Our technicians at Alfalah Mobiles offer the best iPad repair services in Sydney. Here is an iPad repair that will lengthen the lifespan of your gadget without burning a hole in your pocket.

iPad Pro 10.5 Repair

Available Services

Screen Replacement

Price: $400

Battery Replacement

Price: $190

Charging Port Replacement

Price: $200

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Most Common iPad Pro 10.5 Repair Services Sydney:


iPad Pro 10.5 screen repair:

We provide fast and professional repair services. Our iPad Pro 10.5 screen repair services are very affordable as our experts provide fast and efficient services.

iPad Pro 10.5 water damage repairs:

Water may not seem as dangerous, but it can greatly damage electronic devices. We can help you if you’ve accidentally exposed your iPad to water at any time. One of our service technicians will assist with the iPad Pro 10.5 water damage repair.

iPad Pro 10.5 battery replacement:

You will quickly drain your iPad’s battery if you overcharge it. It is most likely you will encounter these things while watching a movie or playing a game. If you need an iPad Pro 10.5 battery replacement, we can help.

iPad Pro 10.5 back glass replacement:

It is very touch-sensitive, so you must handle it carefully, or else you might get a rough look from the iPad. Please come to us for the iPad Pro 10.5 back glass replacement if it has been damaged by accident.

iPad Pro 10.5 charging port issues:

In addition to improving charging efficiency, new charging ports also improve battery performance. Find out how to fix iPad Pro 10.5 charging port issues in Sydney.

iPad Pro 10.5 motherboard repairs:

A large part of motherboard and hardware problems can be due to the excessive use of iPads or the mishandling of the device. Alfalah Mobiles offers iPad Pro 10.5 motherboard repairs if your device is experiencing such problems.

Frequently asked questions.

Is it possible to replace the back of my iPad?

Whenever you drop your iPad from your hand, and the screen is broken, our experts can help you. The majority of technicians work for the broken front and back iPad screens. It takes around 30 minutes to repair the back glass.

Why is my iPad battery draining so fast?

AOD lights up as soon as the iPad gets a popup notification. Overnight notifications may drain the battery quickly.

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