How To Fix Water Damaged Mobile Phone

Dropped your mobile phone in water? So your beloved iPhone or smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy has got wet.May be your kids dropped it in water or You dropped it at beach.And now you want to dry it out, fix the water damaged mobile, and recover the data inside.Cheer up, however, because a quick pickup from water is mostly safe your phone from water damage. It has been observed that most of the phone repairs come for water damaged mobile phones.
We are going to share few tips to recover your phone after water damage. We can’t guarantee anything, but with our tips your phone may work without visiting to any mobile repair service.

How to get water out of your phone without any expert assistance?

If unfortunately your phone is dropped in water, first thing you should do to dry out a wet phone is to switch off your mobile, remove the SIM card and then remove the phone battery and pat it dry with micro fibre cloth. To take the battery out from any phone requires a little technical expertise, so better to consult its user manual or do some online research before opening the phone.This will really help to soak all the water which possibly get inside the main parts of the phone body.

Dry Your Phone with Rice

Take a plastic zipper bag and fill it with uncooked rice or alternatively, silica-gel granules. Place the phone in the plastic bag and make sure the device is fully folded in the rice.

Use silica gel packet to dry out phone a better alternate of Rice

It is recommended that always avoid to use direct heat blow such as hair dryer on your wet phone because it may heat up the circuit and cause internal damage.
It is ideal to put your phone in a zipper plastic bag filled with silica gel because it’s a very good drying agent. let your phone inside the silica gel for up to 24 to 36 hours. It’s hard to leave phone for one or two days but it’s more likely that your phone get damage from inside as water incident always build a risk of damage.

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