Samsung S6 Edge Screen Replacement Sydney

Samsung S6 Edge Repair

Don’t get frightened because Alfalah mobiles are there to help, either to replace your back glass or battery. We have unlimited component stocks available in our inventory in Sydney. Make sure to visit us for a free consultation.

Samsung S6 Edge Repair

Available Services

Original Service Pack Screen

Price: $220

Back Glass Replacement

Price: $70

Battery Replacement

Price: $80

Charging Port Replacement

Price: $90

Front Camera Replacement

Price: $70

Back Camera Replacement

Price: $80

Back Camera Lens Only

Price: $60

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Most Common Samsung S6 Edge Repair Services:

Samsung S6 Edge screen repair:

Customers of Alfalah Mobiles are offered quality Samsung Galaxy LCD repair services and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen repair in Sydney. Visit our shop for quality Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen replacement if the screen of your favorite phone has broken.

Samsung S6 Edge water damage repairs:

Mobile exposure to water accounts for 23 percent of all repairs in the mobile industry. Bring your Samsung phone for a Samsung S6 Edge water damage repair center if you’re experiencing this problem.

Samsung S6 Edge battery replacement:

Battery performance can be permanently altered by chemical reactions caused by overcharging or unregulated charging devices. Count on our reliable services for your Samsung S6 Edge battery replacement in Sydney.

Samsung S6 Edge back glass replacement:

In addition to providing the best cover, the backglass contributes to improving the appearance of the device. If, however, the charm of your Samsung phone has been lost due to the damage to its back glass, then the Samsung S6 Edge back glass replacement can be done at your convenience.

Samsung S6 Edge charging port issues:

Chargers that are plugged in and unplugged repeatedly make the charging port very loose, resulting in problems when you plug them in. Whenever you encounter such a problem, then bring your device to get Samsung S6 Edge charging port issues fixed.

Samsung S6 Edge motherboard repairs:

The most common cause of motherboard or hardware problems nowadays is the excessive use of mobile phones. You can get Samsung S6 Edge motherboard repairs at Alfalah Mobiles if you’ve been experiencing such problems.

Frequently asked questions.

Can you use your phone if it has a cracked back?

A small crack or chip must be noticeable in the back glass of your phone, as it can grow rapidly and damage the phone even further. You can cut your hands and fingers when the back glass of your iPhone is broken, and you will find it difficult to operate the device.

Do you need my password or code in order to repair the Galaxy S6 Edge screen?

We do not require your passcode for Galaxy S6 Edge screen repair. We protect your privacy.

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