Samsung Note 9 Screen Replacement Sydney

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Repair

Don’t get frightened because Alfalah mobiles are there to help, either to replace your back glass or battery. We have unlimited component stocks available in our inventory in Sydney. Make sure to visit us for a free consultation.

Samsung Note 9 Screen Replacement

Available Services

Original Service Pack Screen

Price: $380

Back Glass Replacement

Price: $80

Battery Replacement

Price: $100

Charging Port Replacement

Price: $90

Front Camera Replacement

Price: $85

Back Camera Replacement

Price: $120

Back Camera Lens Only

Price: $70

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Most Common Samsung Note 9 Repair Services:


Samsung Note 9 screen repair:

A phone screen is the most susceptible to damage on an Android device – contact with sand, water, heat, or even accidentally dropping your Phone on the floor can render your screen damaged and put you into a state of panic, so get the Samsung Note 9 screen repair.

Samsung Note 9 water damage repairs:

Charge your device only after it has entirely dried if your Phone has been exposed to liquid. If your device has been subjected to liquid, unplug all cables. If you use accessories or charge your Phone when wet, it may become damaged. Get Samsung Note 9 water damage repair.

Samsung Note 9 battery replacement:

That is correct. You should pay attention to how you use your phone, charge it, and how many apps you have if the battery doesn’t last long. Don’t look around for the Samsung Note 9 battery replacement when you have us around you.

Samsung Note 9 back glass replacement:

You’ve probably cracked your Samsung phone a time or two if you’re prone to dropping your phone. Fortunately, you can quickly get the Samsung Note 9 back glass replacement at Alfalah mobiles.

Samsung Note 9 charging port issues:

Several factors could be causing this issue, but the main ones tend to have more to do with the way you carry and charge your Phone. If your Phone keeps troubling while charging, you need to have the Samsung Note 9 charging port issues.

Samsung Note 9 motherboard repairs:

It would help if you determined whether your Phone’s motherboard is damaged or whether there’s something else at play, such as software/hardware that’s up to no good. If you feel the problem occurs with the motherboard, then get the Samsung Note 9 motherboard repaired quickly.

Frequently asked questions.

I accidentally dropped my Phone in the water. Can I still use it?

After the Phone has been taken out of the water, we tell you some precautions to avoid future damage and examine your device right away to determine if it is damaged or if you have been lucky. If still you could not find a solution, visit Alfalah Mobiles.

What is the specialization of Alfalah Mobiles?

We have experienced and skilled technicians capable of handling all phone models on the market. We assure you, you will enjoy a good experience. We also provide same-day service for minor cracked screens, back glass, and battery replacements.

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