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Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Screen Replacement

Samsung J7 Pro comes with great features such as a 1.4GHz processor with super display Amoled; it has a great resolution (high definition) camera on the front and back, meanwhile it supports up to 256GB of external storage (memory card). Non-removable battery with a 2600mAh back capacity provides a good piece of time for mobile life. Samsung J7 Pro users can face multiple issues such as screen scratches, short battery performance, or faulty charging ports. Some more common problems can occur due to frequent use. If you suffer from any type of repair issues, visit Alfalah Mobiles in Sydney

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Repair

Available Services

Original Service Pack Screen

Price: $220

Battery Replacement

Price: $80

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Most Common Samsung J7 Pro Repair Services:

Samsung J7 Pro screen repair:

In some cases, due to excessive damage or the use of your cracked screen phone for a long time, it may not be possible to restore it to its original form, preventing that from occurring. If your screen is damaged, make sure you get your Samsung J7 Pro screen repaired right away.

Samsung J7 Pro water damage repairs:

Has your Samsung J7 Pro phone been dropped in the water? Don’t worry. Get Samsung J7 Pro water damage repair from Alfalah Mobiles. We do it better, safer, and with a smile.

Samsung J7 Pro battery replacement:

If the Samsung J7 Pro cannot be charged, you may have a faulty battery instead of a faulty charging port on your device. Get your Samsung J7 Pro battery replacement done.

Samsung J7 Pro back glass replacement:

The layers of glass and plastic may sometimes hold up, but all too often, it will result in a chipped, cracked, or broken screen. If your device gets damaged by the back glass, bring it to our shop and get the Samsung J7 Pro back glass replacement done.

Samsung J7 Pro charging port issues:

The charging port of your Samsung phone needs to be replaced if the device can power on but not charge. For the Samsung J7 Pro charging port issues, our experts are readily available.

Samsung J7 Pro motherboard repairs:

It is possible for a motherboard to malfunction through the overuse of the phone or mishandling of the device. If you undergo any type of motherboard symptoms, bring it to us and get the Samsung J7 Pro motherboard repair.

Frequently asked questions.

Can you recover data from a dead phone?

Yes, our team of experts and highly skilled technicians help you recover the data even if your phone is dead or not working at all.

Is my screen cracked or the protector?

If you still don't know whether your screen is broken or tempered, you can flash a bright light on it to check. If only the tempered glass is broken, flashing a bright light on the screen would not cause much refraction. You can visit Alfalah mobiles to know this.

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